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General clinic
Main information

The general practitioner's clinic is a place for the treatment of common, chronic or acute diseases, but also a gateway to other specialists. An important moment is a thorough conversation with the patient and the correct assessment and selection of the procedure for diagnosing diseases. The general practitioner also performs preventive examinations, sampling, vaccinations, or health fitness examinations for various purposes. We provide patients with outpatient infusion therapy, ECG, or CRP - control of inflammatory markers. We welcome patients from the age of 18.

  • examination and treatment of acute and chronic conditions

  • sampling of blood and biological material

  • regular preventive inspections

  • medical fitness examinations for: driving a motor vehicle, firearms license, university studies, food license, certificates according to individual requirements

  • ECG and CRP examination directly in the clinic

  • vaccination according to valid legislation and above-standard optional vaccination

  • outpatient infusion therapy


  • MUDr. Denisa Holzerová

  • MUDr. Mária Grunská

  • MUDr. Jitka Herczeg - Račická

  • MUDr. Silvia Magová

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