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MonaLisa Touch laser procedures

A novelty in our polyclinic is the MonaLisa laser, which will solve the intimate problems of many ladies. Among the most common reasons for laser treatment are burning and dryness of the vaginal mucosa, urinary incontinence and frequent vaginal infections.

Laser treatment regenerates the vaginal mucosa, strengthens the vaginal wall and stimulates the production of new collagen.  It is the most modern way of non-invasive rejuvenation of the vagina, recommended for women who have a problem with relaxing the vaginal walls.

The laser also reduces scars and stretch marks on the breasts and abdomen after childbirth, so it will help the client to have more self-confidence. Laser therapy is also suitable for correcting a scar after a caesarean section.

Advantages of MonaLisa Touch laser therapy

  • the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis

  • without surgical intervention

  • does not require convalescence

  • the performance is painless

  • without side effects

  • within a few minutes

  • immediate effect

MonaLisa Touch - presentation

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