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Ultrasound clinic
Main information

Ultrasonography is a modern non-invasive method that uses the physical properties of ultrasound and therefore does not burden the patient with radiation. Its versatile possibilities of use and patient safety even during any number of control examinations have helped ultrasound to take an important place among diagnostic imaging methods. Ultrasonography has a wide range of examinations that can be used in both adults and children.

  • USG examination of the abdomen and small pelvis

  • USG examination of the neck and thyroid gland

  • USG examination of lymph nodes

  • USG breast examination

  • USG examination of soft parts (muscles, tendons, subcutaneous tissue)

  • Doppler examination of the arterial and venous system of the lower and upper limbs

  • USG examination of the carotids (neck vessels)

How to prepare for the examination:

​During the examination of the abdomen and abdominal cavity

Day before the examination

  • do not eat legumes, dairy products, fresh bread

  • eat foods that do not bloat (e.g. poultry, rice, light soups...)

  • do not drink carbonated mineral and bubble drinks

  • if you suffer from bloating, take medicine to reduce gas

The morning before the examination

  • not to eat or drink

  • do not chew gum

  • don't smoke

  • regularly used medicines should be washed down with a small amount of water without bubbles

  • children under 3 years old can eat 3 hours before the examination

​When examining the kidneys and bladder:

  • 1-2 hours before the examination, drink min. 0.5 l of liquid (tea, still water) so that the bladder is sufficiently full

No preparation is necessary for the examination of the breasts, neck, thyroid gland, lymph nodes, vessels of the lower and upper limbs and carotids.


  • MUDr. Dana Lackovičová

  • MUDr. Monika Bartalošová

  • MUDr. Zoltán Šafárik

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