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Psychiatric clinic
Main information

Psychiatric clinic deals with mental illnesses  and disorders. A psychiatrist deals with the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of disorders in their entire spectrum. Modern psychiatry mainly deals with the individual personality of a person, his characteristics, emotions and behavior, while also using knowledge from other sciences. Part of the treatment is support and guidance of the patient, help with problems, and drug treatment. In our outpatient clinic, we provide professional examination at a high personal level, open communication, discretion, dialogue, thorough patient information and explanation of the causes of the disease and treatment and prevention options.​

  • complex diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in the entire spectrum of severity, complex and at the same time individual approach, discretion

  • no referral from another doctor is required

  • patient intake is regardless of regionalization

  • consultation for the patient's relatives


  • MUDr. Katarína Sigmundová

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