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Ophthalmological clinic

Main information

Sight is one of the most important senses of modern times. A high percentage of the population suffers from eye-related health problems. In our outpatient clinic, we will provide you with care in the form of preventive examinations and comprehensive care.

  • preventive inspections

  • complete eye examination - correction of glasses and lenses

  • measurement of eye pressure by non-contact  method

  • measuring the thickness of the cornea

  • visual field examination

  • examination of the anterior and posterior segments

  • measuring the diopters of your glasses

  • dispensary for glaucoma patients

  • dispensary for patients with endocrine orbitopathy (thyroid disease)

  • dispensary for patients after vascular events with visual field failures

  • treatment of acute eye injuries

  • operations of the anterior segment: chalazion, verruca, basalioma palpebrarum, xanthelasma (cold barley, wart, benign eyelid tumor, fat tumor)


  • MUDr. Mária Pavlovičová

  • MUDr. Tamara Štetinová

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