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Neurological clinic
Main information

Neurology is a medical field that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous system, systemic diseases of the muscles, vertebrogenic diseases, also diseases of the sensory and internal organs, glands with internal secretion if they are manifested by nervous symptoms. These are problems such as headache (e.g. migraine), spinal pain - including radiating to the limbs, impaired mobility (e.g. stroke), stability, tremors, convulsive conditions (e.g. epilepsy), dizziness, disorders of consciousness.


We deal with both sudden and long-lasting conditions. We deal with adult patients (from 18 years old), with movement problems (spinal pain,  scoliosis,  incorrect posture) as well as school-age children (vertebrogenic clinic).

Complete examination by a specialist doctor and treatment

  • administration of infusions, injections, sprays (including MD injections).


  • MUDr. František Gašparík

  • MUDr. Miluša Turáková

  • MUDr. Miriam Habánová

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