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Internal ambulance
Main information

The internal clinic   is a specialized clinic focused on the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases of internal organs. It can help prevent several serious diseases and acute conditions. Thanks to close cooperation with extension specialists in our polyclinic and partner health facilities and thanks to modern equipment, we will provide you with comprehensive and high-quality diagnosis of diseases, preventive care or treatment.​

  • comprehensive diagnostics a treatment of acute and chronic diseases of internal organs

  • blood sampling, EKG  and evaluation of results

  • coordination  of medical  treatments   in long-term patients with the aim of maximizing the effectiveness of treatment and at the same time preventing the use of unnecessary drugs

  • internal preoperative examination - in addition to the necessary sampling   and evaluation of the results, participation  in the preoperative preparation and postoperative care of the patient before and after the planned procedure

  • prevention of civilization diseases

  • based on a comprehensive examination and a thorough evaluation and data and examination results, we will assess the risk of cardiovascular and oncological diseases and suggest the necessary preventive steps to prevent them

  • help with lifestyle changes in acute, chronic, metabolic or oncological diseases


  • MUDr. Olga Sadovská

  • MUDr. Ján Goljer

  • Eva Smíšková M.D

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