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Children's clinic
Main information

Our   general   ambulance   for   children   and   grow up   provides basic   medical   care, preventive   examinations, vaccination program and counseling up to 25 years and 364 days of life.
We know   what   important   is,   to   are you   they trusted   to the doctor,   which   takes care of   about   your children,   and   therefore   we are   here   with our     years of experience   and   professional   background   we are   for   all patients always ready to provide the necessary assistance.
In our clinic, you will meet staff who will greet you with a smile,   to whom   is   natural to communicate   with by small patients and legal representative  willingly in any order.

  • examination and treatment of acute and chronic conditions

  • sampling of blood and biological material

  • regular preventive inspections

  • CRP examination directly in the clinic

  • vaccination according to valid legislation and above standard

  • optional vaccination

  • newborn care and counseling


  • MUDr. Daniela Bálintová

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