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Dermatovenerology clinic
Main information

The dermatovenereological or skin clinic provides a wide range of modern diagnostic and treatment care. Many years of practical experience, quality equipment, individual approach and a pleasant environment are a good prerequisite for a successful solution to skin and aesthetic problems.


The examination of moles in the hands of an experienced dermatologist makes it possible to record tumor changes or the potential risk of a mole within a few minutes. For patients with a large number of signs, a database of digital images is created to help track and compare changes over time.

Today, a large group of patients consists of atopics with a disposition to develop allergic diseases such as eczema. Contact with certain substances from the environment causes difficulties for some patients. We can detect these substances using tests.

Dermato-oncological prevention

  • diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin changes


  • microbiological, histological, mycological examinations

  • sexually transmitted diseases

Diagnosis, advice and treatment of skin diseases

  • eczema, allergic reactions, contact allergies

  • pigmented, vascular signs

  • skin infections

  • warts

  • psoriasis

  • rosacea, perioral dermatitis

  • acne

  • nail diseases

  • venereal diseases

  • treatment of chronic long-term treated skin changes


  • removal of skin growths, warts, milia

  • removal of skin changes also in children (warts, molluscs)

  • removal of small vessels, angiomas​


  • MUDr. Lucia Pastyriková

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